The Pub in South Windsor
The Pub in South Windsor
  • Upcoming Events

    Scheduled Bands

         Saturday 8/25          Grand Avenue

    Saturday 9/8             Jeff Pitchell

       Saturday 9/15          Out The Boxx

             Saturday 9/22        John Street Band

    Saturday 9/29              Rock 201

    Saturday 10/13          The Kings

    Saturday 10/20            Redhead

           Friday *HH 10/26   Blaney Brothers

                         Saturday 10/27  Halloween DJ Dance Party

       Saturday 11/3           Unplugged

    Saturday 11/10          StealHead

         Saturday 11/17    Screaming Eagles

     T'Giving Eve 11/21  On-Call Duo

    Friday *HH 11/23      Unplugged

    Saturday 12/1            The Score 

    Saturday 12/8            Redhead 

    Friday *HH 12/21      Tony Susi

       Saturday 12/22       The Leftovers

    New Year's Eve         Out The Boxx

    *HH = Happy Hour 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm          


    Every Friday and Saturday, when other acts are not scheduled, live the dream of performing your favorite song or artist live on mic.  A guaranteed good time!

    Game Night Tuesdays

    You Sunk My Battleship!!!

    Meet your friends at The Pub for a showdown of Corn hole or Pong. 

    Or test your skills with fun board games like Stratego or Operation.  As the night progresses, it gets a little harder to remove that funny bone!  

    Cribbage, Chess, Rummy-O, Trivial Pursuit, Sorry, Scrabble, and many more... 

    Trivia Wednesdays

    Go make some smart friends and bring them to The Pub for a fun night of Trivia!  Starts at 7pm, three rounds of progressing points and a bonus question that can change EVERYTHING!  Prizes awarded to the top placers, and it's anyone's game.